25 Amazing Facts About Seals

Seals are the mild-blooded, air-breathing creature that lives in or on the surface of the sea.selas have There are many different kinds including fur seals, sea lions, and common seals, gray seals, flipper.

There are many animals about which you like to read some interesting facts and some amazing habits which you like most and want to see them when you get a chance. In this article, you will be shocked when you read some interesting facts about seals maybe you don’t know before reading this post.

 Amazing Facts About Seals
  1. The scientific name of the seal is a Pinniped.
  2. Seals are a widespread and varied group of fin-footed, semiaquatic, marine mammals.
  3. Pinniped belongs to the order Carnivora.
  4. Flipper(Seals) closest living relatives are bears, otters, weasels, and raccoons.
  5. Types of seal families:
    • Odobenidae
    • Otariidae
    • Phocidae
  6. The smallest pinniped is the Baikal seal at around 1 meter long and 45 kilograms.
  7. The biggest seal is the southern elephant seal at around 5 m and 3 ton and is also the largest carnivoran.
  8. Sealspass most of their lives in the water but come on the land to mate, give birth, or escape from the vulture, like sharks and killer whales.
  9. Seals have smooth bodies and four limbs in the form of flippers, that help in pulling the water.
  10. Pinniped is not as fast in the water as dolphins, but much more flexible and acrobatic.
  11. Fur seals and sea lions use their front limbs mostly to drive themselves through the water.
  12. Earless seals and walruses use their hind limbs to drive themselves through the water.
  13. Fur seals, sea lions, and walruses have back limbs that can be pulled under the body and used as legs on land.
  14. Sea lions and fur seals (otariids) have visible outward ears, while earless or true seals (phocids) and walruses absence of these ears.
  15. Seals have fully-developed senses their eyesight and hearing are adapted for both air and water, and they have a further tactile system in their vibrissae.
  16. Some of the seals are well adjusted for diving to great depths, they have a layer of fat below the skin to keep them warm. All species except walruses are shield in fur.
  17. However, seal family can be found all around the world, mostly in colder waters, in the higher latitudes or antarctic.
  18. Seals eat mostly fish and other small marine animals.
  19. The leopard seal, diet depend on larger animals such as penguins and other seals. Walruses are a specialized diet depend on bottom-dwelling sea life.
  20. Pinniped pups are mostly born in the spring and summer months, females carry almost all the responsibility for raising them.
  21. Mothers of some seals family stay on land, so as to nurse their babies to young for short periods, while others take look around trips to sea between nursing bouts. Walruses are well known to nurse their young while at sea.
  22. Seals produce many sounds or vocalizations, like the noisy barks of California sea lions, the bell-like calls of walruses, and the pretty and complex songs of Weddell seals.
  23. Seals are protected from hunting by international law of the Marine Mammal Protection Act.
  24. Apart from hunting, seals also face warning from accidental trapping, marine pollution, and dispute with local people.
  25. Seals have been attracting in various cultures worldwide. They are commonly kept in custody and are may be trained to perform tricks and tasks.

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