About Us

Kapil kumar

Hey guys, This is Kapil Kumar, I am a blogger and I love blogging. I did engineering from AKTU UNIVERSITY and after that, I started blogging related to the Aquatic world. I like to read and write things related to our environment.

God gave man the authority to rule and protect all the animals in the aquatic ecosystems.


How the idea of this blog came out of the box?

When I was in engineering, I found myself always busy in doing some random stuff like preparing for any topic related to our aquatic world and how we can protect our animals, plants and sea to make a balance in our environment. I used to think that there should be an online portal where one can get all this information for free without registration. So I started a blog named as aquatic4u.com which is related to my interest.

Opportunities don’t happen. You create them

At https://aquatic4u.com/, you can find topics related to an aquatic world like plants, animals’ latest news related to the environment, and some interesting best place to travel and some interesting facts about plants, animals, and also about aquatic. We are determined to make this website hustle free so that students and environment lovers can read and know the interesting facts our environment directly without login.