Effect of Corona on Environment

You may have seen the news and on social media related to the environment or may u have share any news related to the environment or our surrounding environment that birds are chirping more than vehicular horns, Ridley turtles coming to the fellow members on Odisha coastlines, dolphins visiting Italian shores sans self-consciousness thinking it is fun there, all are going from one place to another place around freely in this fresh and pure human-free world. Delhi API recordings are automatically low for its European counterparts and Yamuna nearing the standards of admiration of the river. We all want to believe in something good in this sizzling time.

One of the best conditions of happiness is that the link between nature and humans shall not be broken.

Nowadays u can ask a question from ourselves that Is it that same earth on which we will before lockdown or its different? We will go through data according to the Air Quality Index (AQI) levels of air pollutants and warming gases around us in some cities and regions are showing important to be worthy of attention drops as coronavirus impacts our work and travel.

As you can see the image released by NASA’s it that same earth on which we will before lockdown you can see the huge difference before and after this lockdown images. According to the data released by Air Quality Index (AQI) levels of air pollutants and warming gases over some countries , specific areas and regions are showing significant drops. As u can see the image released by NASA.

When CO2 emissions are at their peak the levels recorded might be the lowest since the financial crisis over a decade ago.

co2 emission compare image before and after the corona virus

While it is the initial days, data collected in New York this week recommend that instructions to limit unnecessary travel are having a particular impact.

Traffic levels in the city were roughly calculated to be down 35% compared with the last few years ago. The main source of release of carbon monoxide is due to cars and trucks, which have fallen by around 50% for a couple of days this week according to researchers at Columbia University.

There is a significant fall in nitrogen dioxide in both China and Northern Italy, which has also recorded, which is due to reduced car journeys and industrial activity and less use of traffics also. The gas is a serious air pollutant due to some harmful molecules present in that and also indirectly contributes to the warming of the planet.

There are many questions that glare us in the eye for answers. Has our mother(earth) acquired a nutritious diet for the last many centuries? Did our last generation also let go of this aspect in the wake of industrialization and economic growth? Is stone-blind economic growth our only aim now? Can policies enough to restrict human consumption, rather than lay hold of the share from other species of this planet? These are not easy questions to answer all but need to think about this and to be questioned if we want to mix the soul of today’s mankind. There are many persons who oppose this and who would dismiss these questions in Darwin’s theory of survival of the fittest. Maybe for them, it is alright for the human race to get having no living like dinosaurs because it’s proven that might is not right when it comes to nature. For nature, some of its longest surviving species are those who made friends with nature and adopt changes in the environment that tendered it with love and harmony.

I think this is very different from the global financial crisis it’s hard to accept the reality that what we give to our nature and what he is returning to us. The only bright look could be to learning new practices to work remotely, and buying a few years of lower growth allowing solar and wind to catch up a bit, though, these may be rather small bright look. One small step of friendship towards environment will be a weekly human lock-down every year.


Positive impact of Corona on Environment

  • Birds are chirping more
  • Animals can be roaming around freely
  • Water pollution in rivers decreases
  • Air quality increased
  • CO2 and NO2 emissions decreased
  • The ozone layer is healing

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